• Race: Unlit
  • Age: 19
  • Occupation: Ex-gang member
  • Favourite Sweets: Strawberry Bootlaces

Lacie is a hot-tempered, foul-mouthed, prank-loving egotist. Banished from the Underworld to the Surface for being a neglectful little slacker, she now has to get back on the Underworld’s good side. In order to do that, she needs to be bad.

Lacie’s childish and playful nature is merely a guise that hides her lust for destruction, as her idea of a practical joke can range from drawing moustaches on those who are asleep, to the catastrophic extermination of half a planet. It’s all fun and games until she gets herself hurt.

If anyone else gets hurt? Pfft, who cares?


  • Race: Lumia
  • Age: 19
  • Occupation: Super Guardian Angel Regiment agent
  • Favourite Sweets: Sherbet Flying Saucers

After being discharged from the Super Guardian Angel Regiment (SUGAR), Shelbie took it upon herself to protect the Surface from the Unlit with her own two hands.

For an elite ex-soldier, this was merely a hobby, until she met with a brain-shattering accident, losing all memory of her goal, her past, and a handful of very important brain cells. Now, Shelbie has fallen head over heels for one Unlit in particular, and decided to undertake a new endeavour of becoming Lacie’s one true love. Nothing is impossible if you try hard enough, right?

Unfortunately, Shelbie is easily influenced, forgetful, gullible, clumsy, and most of all, a size G-cup. Not exactly Lacie’s type.


  • Race: Beast
  • Age: 27
  • Occupation: Bodyguard
  • Favourite Sweets: Hard Boiled Candies

A beast with the ability to transform into a city-wrecking behemoth, Candy was adopted by Peppermint after being mistaken for a cuddly toy.

Watching her mother sacrifice her own life to protect the remaining members of her clan, Candy stayed in the big city to make sure the same thing never happens to her loved ones again.

Candy’s façade of being a “silent but deadly beauty” conflicts with her childish love for cute, adorable things such as kittens, puppies and unicorns.

With the strength of three thousand tanks and a resolve of steel on her side, Candy made a promise with Doctor Spearmint to protect Peppermint with her life.


  • Race: Robot
  • Age: 9 ½
  • Occupation: Scientist, Inventor, Engineer, Professor of rocket science and advanced quantum mechanics
  • Favourite Sweet: Peppermint Ice Cream

Born with an incurable illness, Peppermint’s soul was affixed to a mechanical heart and planted inside an adorable little 9-year old robotic chassis.

Offspring of the late Doctor Spearmint and three-time noble-prize winning Professor Watermint, Peppermint grew up to be a child prodigy and the glue that holds the band of Crazy Sunshine together.

She is a technological genius with a delectable income, thanks to her ability to create ground-breaking gadgets in order to rebuild her parent’s industrial legacy.

While shy, apprehensive, and extremely quiet in public, Peppermint’s confidence skyrockets around her close friends.

Daifuku & Mochi

  • Race: Human / Ancient demon
  • Age: 18 / Unknown
  • Occupation: Pâtissière / Sword enthusiast
  • Favourite Sweet: Ichigo Daifuku / Anger

A regular human teenager with one tiny little problem - she has an ancient demon for a stomach. Daifuku and Mochi are two souls in one body, and are an absolute nightmare to have around at dinner time.

After stealing and wearing her family’s ancient, cursed gi, Daifuku’s torso was possessed and replaced with the almighty demon Mochi.

In order to survive, Mochi feeds off his host’s negative emotions, allowing Daifuku to live a life without pain, sadness or anger.

Daifuku is now extremely friendly, overly sympathetic, exceptionally positive and incredibly caring. As for Mochi? Well, he’s just a giant jerk.

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