2012 Presidential wha…?

As a Brit living in Japan, completely separated from the Western world and completely uninterested in politics, here is how I understand this 2012 Presidential Election and the current state of America going only by what I read from people on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, not my personal opinions, as I have none;

  • If you vote you have to tell the world you voted or everyone will think you didn’t vote and hate you.
  • If you don’t vote you have helped cause the destruction of America.
  • However, voting for Obama is okay but voting for Romney is a bad.
  • Voting for Romney will cause the end of the USA and the end of the world.
  • Even if Obama wins, America is going to shit.
  • America has Obama to thank for everything.

UK and European elections are always so nice and quiet, I have no idea how every time there is a presidential election, whatever the outcome is, America (and the world) is potentially “doomed”.

Can’t we just all calm down over a cup of tea and biscuits guys.

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