Japanese Oddworld, it’s 100USD because of how rare it is!

Japanese Oddworld, it’s 100USD because of how rare it is!




that hair, goddamn


By Your Side, animated short film directed by Tsuneo Goda (Domokun).
Tribute to Japan earthquake of March 11, 2011.

Japanese traditional festivals in my MMO? Nice to see FFXIV brought some stuff over from FFXI! More on Hinamatsuri here.

Japanese traditional festivals in my MMO? Nice to see FFXIV brought some stuff over from FFXI! More on Hinamatsuri here.

Shingeki x Subaru CM now playing in Japan.

Freaky as fuck.

Comic-ing in Japan

Comic-ing in Japan - why is it so tough? #CrazySunshine #Blog

Crazy Sunshine was first created over five years ago during my time at university. But only after I came to Japan did it become a fully-fledged webcomic.

Since then, I’ve signed up to Twitter, started a Facebook page and even tested out Google+, as well…

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Oh my god the name of my professor.

Oh my god the name of my professor.


It is impossible to be in a bad mood while listening to & watching this video.

I can’t

o u Japan.

o u Japan.


Joyeux ‪‪Aomori Nebuta Matsuri‬ à tous !

Le Aomori Nebuta Matsuri festival (青森ねぶた祭り, Aomori Nebuta Festival” ou simplement “Aomori Nebuta») est un festival estival japonais qui se déroule à Aomori au Japon. Le festival d’Aomori attire le plus de touristes que tous les autres festivals nebuta du pays.

Le “Nebuta» est une plateforme en forme de guerrier  transportée jusqu’au centre de la ville, lors de son transport des danseurs vêtus de costumes appelés haneto (
ハネト)  dansent autour d’elle en chantant Rasserā (ラッセラー ). Dans le patois local, la participation au festival implique le mot haneru utilisé comme verbe (ハネル, ex. "今日もハネル?" ou «Allez-voushaneruer” aujourd’hui?), ce verbe a dérivé du mot japonais haneto et du verbe haneru (跳ねる sauter).

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Si vous êtes au Japon et que vous assistez à ces célébrations n’hésitez pas à nous envoyez vos photos !

My prefecture’s Nebuta festival floats. Going to see the parade on Monday!

saigamagoni93 asked: I have been doing some research on the JET program but am getting no straight answers. What exactly does an ALT do in the schools he is assigned? What does a JET do, period?

ALT = Assistant Language Teacher. You assist teaching with another teacher, derp.

It tells you this on the actual JET website’s forums, where anyone can sign up and ask stuff

Secondly, I cannot answer your question simply, because everyone’s situation is completely different, ranging from some teachers having to assist 3 classes a month, and some solo teaching 15 a week.

For example, my schedule changes every year, and right now I co-teach 6 classes a week and solo-teach 4, plus have a fuckton of extra curricular activities. My friend who is an ALT and lives in the same city, but at a different school, only goes to 5 classes a month. We both get paid the same and he has way less work to do.

It’s a lucky dip as to where you will be assigned too and what duties you will be given. I picked to live in Gifu (Southern Japan) and got thrown into Aomori (Way up north).

While the job is exciting, it’s also 100% random as to what kind of paradise or hell hole you will end up in. Not for the feint of heart, you could be like my other friend who lives 3 hours away in a goddamn forest where he has to grow his own vegetables to survive, or drive 2 hours to the nearest town.



Tanbo art (田んぼアート) or “rice paddy art” is the work of Japanese farmers who plant different strains of rice in order to transform their rice paddies into enormous living canvases. No dyes or other artificial colouring methods are used in this process. Each colour is simply a different type of rice.

"Often, hundreds of villagers work together to plant the rice by hand and create these massive works of art. While planting, different areas of the rice paddy are roped off, so people know which type of rice to put where—kind of like painting by numbers.

Rice is planted in the spring, and then harvested in the fall. When it gets close to harvest, the color changes to a beautiful hue called “koganeiro” (黄金色), which is often translated as “golden” or “honey-colored”. This means the art changes as the seasons change.”

aliens have gone too far this time

Some of these are right next to where I live in Tsugaru!


cargot(カルゴ)のコスプレ・スクラップ・ブッキング super sonico

good god I love cosplay

Faceless Perfume × Spending all my time

Bedtime snackoos, im@s style.

Bedtime snackoos, im@s style.

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